MacKeeper 5.0

Keeps your Mac clean, protected and optimized.

Cleans your Mac removing junk files, finding duplicates, and uninstalling needless apps, etc. Protects you from malware, viruses, and adware. Provides optimization tools to reduce the boot time of your Mac controlling apps launching at startup, keeps your apps up to date, and frees your Mac memory.

MacKeeper is a comprehensive application designed to protect your computer and improve your Mac performance. It gathers in one package handy optimization tools meant to keep your system clean, secured, and in good working condition.

The interface is clear-cut and highly intuitive. The left panel displays the program's functions, conveniently organized into four sections. Once a feature is selected, you are provided with detailed information about its meaning, so that you can learn, at a glance, the relevance of using that option.

The first module provides an overall insight of your system status and gives you a report with the list of issues you need to fix. These issues refer to computer security, junk files, and outdated applications. If you need assistance in cleaning your computer, keeping the system secured, and boosting the computer performance, you will find the second section to be of great help. You have the advantage to chat with a real human expert, always ready to answer all your questions. The remote expert will analyze your Mac condition and will offer to fix the problems.

Navigating the Internet exposes your computer to various threats. The third module is meant to help you browse the Internet securely, blocking access to malicious websites. In addition, it offers an anti-virus protection that will make your computer immune to viruses, Trojan horses, and malware programs. Another smart feature refers to anti-theft protection – once enabled, it will track your Mac in case it gets lost or stolen, while informing you about its location and offering to take a snapshot of the thief.

The last section is the most consistent of all, as it includes various tasks related to system maintenance. Therefore, you have the ability to find duplicate files and delete them in order to recover disk space. In addition, you can uninstall applications fully, leftovers included. The tool lets you recover deleted files, make specific files and folders invisible (though still accessible from within the application), as well as browse for files faster, based on smart file filters. Furthermore, the utility allows you to monitor disk usage, select which programs should open automatically at system log-in, track available updates, clean junk files, back up data, delete files permanently and beyond recovery, and set default applications to open specific file types.

In conclusion, MacKeeper offers a complete solution to make your system efficient, healthy, and reliable. The range of features provided is extensive, while the online presence of a real human assistant adds value to the application.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Human assistance
  • Useful maintenance tools
  • Secure Internet navigation
  • Disk space monitoring
  • Computer cleaning
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Improves system performance


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