Auditorium Seating – How It Is Done?

Fixed seating in auditoriums can be done in several different styles. Some seats there will depend on the layout of the room as well as the style that is used. First of all auditorium seating type is just one out of two general fixed seating styles. It’s also known as the continental arrangement, and it requires steep height difference between rows.

The other type is called multiple-aisle arrangement that has several “groups” of seats, and there are walking aisles between those groups. But I won’t talk about this type but about different kinds of auditorium seating design that Buyselloc makes.

Classic Seating arrangements – The “End Stage” and Wide Fan

The End Stage seating order is quite simple, and it is best suited for presentations. The downside of this style is that it can’t accommodate a lot of people because individuals can sit in just one part of the auditorium. It’s best suited for rectangular buildings that have a high ceiling. This is quite a simple design, and not many are content with it due to its limitations.

Wide Fan seating arrangement is the most popular form of fixed seating, and it can found it many lecture halls and other buildings where a lot of people require accommodation. The design makes it possible to bring people from corners closer to the speaker, and it also allows better usage of the space.  The only issue with this model is that it is only suitable for holding speeches and lecturing. This happens because the seating area exceeds 130 degrees and that kind of room makes it impossible for other activities.

Arena – The ultimate form of auditorium seating design

Two types of Arena design exist, the whole arena and the ¾ arena. Both of these designs make it impossible for film screening because audience sits in a circle the stage. The ¾ arena represents the design where the audience sits around the stage (but the seating doesn’t exceed 270 degrees). It’s possible to screen movies or other videos in the ¾ arena, but additional TVs will be necessary. This, however, is impossible with the stage design.

Arena design will make it possible to accept a huge number of people, and thus it’s perfect for speeches. Lecturing isn’t likely because there isn’t any way to display presentations to all individuals. Speeches that don’t require visual presentations are the only thing that is suitable for this kind of design.

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