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Remote control multiple devices with minimal effort.
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AnyDesk is a software utility, equipped with numerous tools, that lets users remotely access and control one or more computers, no matter their location, and work with various files and documents.
Its interface can be described as practical and intuitive, which makes navigation through the menu quite easy. The entire app is built to deliver functionality and it misses some graphic features that other apps have. There are no skin themes, font style, or font text customizations.

As per its functions, the application embeds various features that make user tasks easier and efficient to achieve.
Because its latency lies below 16 milliseconds on local networks, it's not perceptible, so it provides instant responses to remote machines.
Moreover, AnyDesk can perform smoothly even with low bandwidths like 100kB/sec and it provides a fluent on-screen experience of 60 fps on most internet connections.
Last but not least, with this utility, users can't connect to the targeted PC unless they have confirmation from the other side, which is a major security advantage.

All in all, AnyDesk is a useful remote application, with lots of features and functions. It misses a video call function and a real-time chat, but in the end, it gets the job done.

John Saunders
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  • Performs well in low bandwidths
  • Has a practical interface
  • Provides a fluent on-screen experience


  • Misses skin themes
  • Has no real time chat
  • Lacks video call function
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