Judith B. Johnson is the founder of the Buyselloc and the leading designer as well. She entered the fixed seating industry with a goal to change it, and she succeeded in it. Her decisions introduced a new way to make fixed seats where comfort played a significant role, alongside the affordability. Affordability and quality become tow things that launched Judith, and her company at the top of the industry and continuous work on improvement cemented it at the top.

Buyselloc went through many changes throughout the past. The company went through its share of struggles which is something that every business has to experience. The beginning has been particularly tough because fixed seating industry requires a lot of work from the start.

Ms. Johnson had the knowledge and the will, but money for the first job wasn’t there even though she invested all of her savings into it. But she had luck and good marketing ideas which attracted people who were willing to invest in her venture. The first job was to create and install fixed seating in a school theater and for this industry that projects weren’t especially huge. But the company was new, and it didn’t have multiple departments that could share the workload. A lot of money had to be given to the contractors, and that is why they failed to generate a lot of profit from that project.

Buyselloc benefited from that first project because the job was done without any problems and they gained name and reputation if not the profit. This job was the turning point in the history of this company as it opened a lot of doors and showed that Johnson was serious and competent. More than ten years passed since the first project, and the company expanded several times during this period. The company that started with a job to outfit one small lecture hall now undertakes projects that are ten or more times bigger than jobs that other companies take. The enterprise equipped several stadiums and huge auditoriums with fixed seats, and they are working on several large-scale projects at the moment.