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Those that need to be fixed seats should contact Buyselloc because their offers are the best at the market. They make affordable and high-quality fixed seats that will satisfy even the most unusual requests.


Judith B. Johnson is the proud owner and the founder of the Buyselloc Company. She started with only her knowledge and savings and built an enterprise that supplies stadiums and auditoriums with fixed seats. She also organized a design team that works on creating seating arrangements according to the room where the seats will go.


About Fixed Seating

The manufacturing of the fixed seating has to follow standards that ensure safety and comfort before everything else. Seats must be completely safe for their users which mean that they must not have sharp edges that might cause injuries.

Seats must be comfortable because people will have to sit on them for extended periods of time. The level of comfort is affected by the price, and thus those more expensive will be more comfortable and vice versa. The comfort is also affected by the venue and the frequency on which people will use them.

3 Types of Permacultures


Stadium seating design differs from the conventional design of the seats in several points. First of all, seats in the stadium have to be waterproof because they are in the open. They are usually made out of plastic because it can withstand the weather, and the comfort isn’t something that is crucial in this case.


Cinema seating arrangement is a classic multi-platform design in which all seats are turned toward one wall. Seats are arranged in rows and columns that are in perfect lines with aisles for walking in between every seven or eight seats. This design sacrifices quantity to allow quality and space for the audience.


The traditional auditorium seating design places focus on quantity over quality in the term of the number of people that may attend. Some designs are perfect for lectures where people can watch video presentations while others are only suited for speeches. More seats, in this case, means bigger limitations on the variety of events that can happen.

The most comfortable stadium seating in the market

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